Japanese Market Information

Japan was one of the early adopters of the Internet, and currently one of the most sophisticated Internet markets with a very high useage penetration rate. Most businesses in Japan have thier web presence and are now going social. Japan is one of the biggest E-commerce markets in the world. It was one of the first markets where Social Media took off. Mobile Internet and Mobile Search have significant market there since the 90's.
Vertical Search opportunites are also huge with shopping sites such as Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping, and with travel portals and news portals.
Unlike most of other languages, Japanese use 4 different sets of letters and characters, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Roma-ji, for writing, and a word itself may be written in multiple letters and characters.

Japanese SEO Services Japan Market

  • Language: Japanese, 4th popular language on Internet
  • Internet Users: 96 million, 3rd highest country by users
  • Penetration Rate: 75.3%
  • Search Engines: Yahoo Japan (53%) : Google Japan (47%)
  • Mobile Internet Users: 74 million
  • E-commerce on PC: US$36 billion
  • E-commerce on Mobile: US$8 billion
  • Online Advertising (PC): US$4.5 billion
  • Online Advertising (Mobile): US$1.5 billion
Note: Market data from 2009

More About Japan

More than 50% of PC Internet users have shopped online, and more than 30% of Mobile Internet users have shopped from mobile sites.
While western social media sites such as facebook and Twitter gradually gain market share, Japan's original social media sites such as mixi and Gree have been successful in Japan since 2003. Japan is the biggest market for YouTube. Japanese video sharing site, NicoVideo is also very popular.

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