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Top 20 Popular Search Sites and Naver Matome

Donnamedia announced the top 20 popular search related sites by page views in Japan for the month of January 2013.

  1. Yahoo Search
  2. Google Japan
  3. YouTube
  4. NicoVideo
  5. @nifty
  6. Google
  8. Biglobe
  9. Bing
  10. Livedoor
  11. OCN
  12. Infoseek Rakuten
  13. excite
  14. Naver Matome
  15. goo
  16. All About
  17. So-net
  18. OKWave
  19. DailyMotion
  20. Vector

It also reports that Yahoo search had 6.1% increase in page view, and Google Japan had 7.4% increase in page view month-over-month.

Naver Matome, which ranked  in #14, is a popular CGM web curation service started in 2009. According to Nielsen NetView

Yahoo Japan’s New Search Box

Earlier this month, Yahoo! Japan came out with new search box with simpler design. While it doesn’t look much different from the older version, the new design was put together through various trials and tests over a year from colors, sizes, and textures, hoping to provide better search experiences no matter what devices the searchers use. The search menus above the search box were left untouched to avoid the confusions when using the search options.

New Yahoo Japan Search Box

New Yahoo Japan Search Box


Old Yahoo Japan Search Box

Old Yahoo Japan Search Box

Yahoo is showing more results from Google

Yahoo Japan has been testing the search results display by mixing some of the Google’s search results for some time. Now, Yahoo Japan’s search results is identical to Google’s search results in many cases if you use Chrome browser. In other words, depending on which browser you use, you get different search results in Yahoo Japan right now. (See Yahoo JP results in Chrome vs. FireFox and Google JP results for the same keyword.)

Since Yahoo Japan and Google Japan announced its plan for search service tie-up (both organic search and PPC services) in July, the search business partnership has been getting much of the attention and some