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Yahoo Japan’s SmartPhone App – SmartSearch

YahooJP SmartSearch On March 19th, Yahoo Japan announced it’s new smartphone app, “SmartSearch“.  “While how people use mobile devices, especially smartphones, and how people search have changed over time, the web search services and the result pages haven’t changed”, Yahoo said. This app is a step into providing the better search experience for smartphone users by shifting the concept of the search activities from “search” to “discovery”.

From what I’ve read and saw, this is not for people who want to find sites/pages with the information. This is for people who want to browse through the result pages to see the things trending or happening. The result pages seem to be the destination page, and not a bridge to the external sites. It’s a completely different search, umm, discovery experience.

At this time, the app is only available for iPhone from Apple’s App Store. They plan to release iPad version and Android version of app in near future.

Yahoo Japan Releases The Search Data

Yahoo! Japan released new “Yahoo! Search Data“. In addition to the older version, which showed the overall popular search keywords, the new version provides the popular search keywords in variety of categories such as “Images”, “Videos”, and “Real Time”.  The PC version is simple enough, but they published the smartphone version, too.

Yahoo Japan Search Keyword Data

Top 20 Popular Search Sites and Naver Matome

Donnamedia announced the top 20 popular search related sites by page views in Japan for the month of January 2013.

  1. Yahoo Search
  2. Google Japan
  3. YouTube
  4. NicoVideo
  5. @nifty
  6. Google
  8. Biglobe
  9. Bing
  10. Livedoor
  11. OCN
  12. Infoseek Rakuten
  13. excite
  14. Naver Matome
  15. goo
  16. All About
  17. So-net
  18. OKWave
  19. DailyMotion
  20. Vector

It also reports that Yahoo search had 6.1% increase in page view, and Google Japan had 7.4% increase in page view month-over-month.

Naver Matome, which ranked  in #14, is a popular CGM web curation service started in 2009. According to Nielsen NetView