Japanese Want to Stay Anonymous Online

JP SNS name Japanese were the early adopters of social media. Even before mixi started in 2004, Japanese were creating communities and finding the ways to network and socialize online. You’d think that they are very comfortable communicating with others online by now. Surprisingly, Japanese still want to stay anonymous online, according to the data published by Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. While 65-70% of people in other countries don’t have problem with using their own name to create a social media account, 75% of Japanese want to stay anonymous. This is one of the main reasons why Twitter grew rapidly, while Facebook slowly gained the traction in Japan. (I know that many Facebook users don’t use their real name. Japanese are honest people. If they hear you have to use real name, they think that’s the rule.)

This made me think about my experiences with Japanese social networking sites. I belong to several networking groups online, one of which I became a member back in 1996. The way of communication has changed from a community website to mailing list to mixi and other social networking sites, but many of the members has managed to stay connected. Over the years, many of us became good friends, and have met off-line, too. Interestingly, although we know some members’ real name, and even address, we still don’t show real name in the account profile. Why is that? I don’t think their security concern is due to other members. 

5 Things to Know About Yahoo Japan Advertising

yahoo japan adsWhile Yahoo Japan’s organic search results are now powered by Google Japan, Yahoo Japan still provides their own advertising products and services to the advertisers targeting their search and content audience. Yahoo Japan and Google Japan have different audience profile, and if you want to target Japanese marketing, you should not overlook Yahoo Japan’s market reach. There are several big differences between Google’s AdWords and Yahoo Japan’s Listing Ads. Here are top 5 things you should know about it:

1. Yahoo Japan’s Advertising Products

They offer 2 types of ad products.

  • Sponsored Search Ads: Pay per click campaigns – Show text ads on Yahoo Japan and partner sites’ search result pages
  • Display Network Ads: Banner and text ads on Yahoo Japan and partner websites – Show ads based on the audience profile or Interest match

China’s Top B2C Retailers

Top China B2C Sites

Tmail.com, JD.com, Suningcom, Buy.qq.com, and Xiaomi.com made the top 5 on the latest China’s Top B2C Online Retailers list published by iResearch.

Amazon.cn was ranked #7 and Lenovo.com.cn ranked #19.

The list only contains B2C online retailers handling physical good transactions, and excludes the retailers handling virtual items as well as E-commerce sites handling cars, real estates, domain, websites, and lotto.