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5 Tips to Save Cost for International SEO

Building and running a well-oiled website doesn’t come cheap. Having multiple websites in different languages and targeting different countries could cost you loads of $$$. It makes you wonder how to possibly manage and optimize all these websites! Before you pull out all your hair, read these 5 cost-saving tips[…]

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Yahoo! Japan to Limit the Access in EEA and UK

Yahoo! Japan sent out a notification email to the users that their services won’t be accessible in EEA and UK after 11 am, April 6, 2022, Japan time. They also said that Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Card, and ebookjapan services will be available after April 6 with limited functionalities. They advise[…]

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The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act

Last week, 3 Congresswomen introduced the bill to ban surveillance advertising. The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act prohibits advertising networks and facilitators from using personal data to target advertisements, with the exception of broad location targeting to a recognized place, such as a municipality. Understandably, many marketing and advertising service providers including[…]

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SEO Trends 2022

As you may know, I am one of the contributors to Search Engine Journal. In addition to great search, social, and digital marketing articles, they publish comprehensive eBooks for different topics. For the last several years, they kindly asked me to be a part of the SEO trends guide book[…]

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SEO in 2022

A few months ago, I was approached by Mr. David Bain who was putting together a series of podcasts and a book for Majestic about the SEO in 2022. He interviewed 66 SEO experts from around the world, and I was honored to be included in this exceptional project. Even[…]

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