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Baidu Organic Search Updates

It seems that Baidu had a noticeable update in March, and a bigger update in May 2022. While it’s not confirmed by Baidu, these updates impacted foreign company websites more even if the sites have “.cn” ccLTD, hosted in China, and registered. At the same time, Baidu is showing more[…]

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5 Tips to Save Cost for International SEO

Building and running a well-oiled website doesn’t come cheap. Having multiple websites in different languages and targeting different countries could cost you loads of $$$. It makes you wonder how to possibly manage and optimize all these websites! Before you pull out all your hair, read these 5 cost-saving tips[…]

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Market Research vs. Targeted Audience Research

Market research is important to understand the state of the market in general. The research reports are one of the ways to learn and evaluate the new market for businesses. On the other hand, as a marketer, you need to keep in mind that the research results don’t determine the[…]

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Yahoo! Japan to Limit the Access in EEA and UK

Yahoo! Japan sent out a notification email to the users that their services won’t be accessible in EEA and UK after 11 am, April 6, 2022, Japan time. They also said that Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Card, and ebookjapan services will be available after April 6 with limited functionalities. They advise[…]

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The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act

Last week, 3 Congresswomen introduced the bill to ban surveillance advertising. The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act prohibits advertising networks and facilitators from using personal data to target advertisements, with the exception of broad location targeting to a recognized place, such as a municipality. Understandably, many marketing and advertising service providers including[…]

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