47% of Internet Traffic In Japan Comes From Smartphones

Koi-CityAdobe’s latest Digital Insights reported that 47% of overall Internet traffic in Japan came from smartphones in 2016. Adobe conducted the research in 12 countries. The Japan’s smartphone traffic share on Internet was the highest among them.

According to their past reports, the Internet traffic share of smartphones in Japan has been growing every year, and has been the highest of 12 countries since their research had started. Korea had the second highest smartphone traffic share with 43%, followed by India’s 40%. I think the smartphone traffic will continue to grow as more and more websites are becoming mobile friendly.

Interestingly, the tablet traffic share paints a completely different picture. UK had the highest traffic share by tablet with 13% followed by Norway with 12%. The share of tablet traffic in Japan was only 6% with no growth in the last 3 years.  Overall, tablet traffic has been decreasing in US and Asia-Pacific region.