Japan’s B2C-EC Market Grew to 11.2 Trillion Yen in 2013

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has published the Digital Commerce Report for 2013. The report says that B2C – EC market in Japan continues to grow, and it has reached 11.2 Trillion Yen (about 150 Billion dollars) last year, which was 17.4% higher than the previous year. The[…]

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Mobile Shopping Market is Stabilized in Japan

When you hear about the Mobile Shopping, you probably think of the convenience such as Mobile Payment Services, which eliminates the needs for using credit cards and other types of payment options. It seems more secure than having to enter the bank account information or credit card information to the[…]

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Japanese Online Shopping Trend by Devices

The traffic and the conversions are triggered by different reasons, and not necessarily correlates. Just because more people are online in the certain market, or more people view your site don’t always impact on the business transactions. The recent research done by The Nielsen Company in Japan shows a good[…]

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