Japan’s Revised Telecommunications Business Law and What It Meas to Website Owners

Revised Telecommunications Business Law went into effect in June in Japan. This law applies to not only telecommunications and mobile companies but also to website owners. If you provide content online targeting Japan, you’ll need to comply with the law.

The revision was made to the law mainly to better protect Internet users from online tracking related issues. If your website or app tracks user data with cookies, etc. you need to be aware of the changes.

As far as the actions required by the app and website are quite similar to the GDPR in the EU and CPRA in California.

If a website or app sends information about a user to a third party regardless of the user’s will, it is necessary to “publish” or “notify” the following 4 items to each recipient.

A. Purpose of collecting data
B. Types of information you collect
C. Where the data is sent/shared
D. What the data is used for by the third party

In order to comply with the revised Telecommunications Business Law, apps and websites must display and provide the below information.

1. Publish the information A-D on the website or app, and link to it in a footer/nav or in the first screen when an app is opened
2. Notify the website visitors and app users with a link to a page with the information A-D upon their visit to the website or when they open the app.
3. Opt out option and detail of the opting out
4. Consent option which a user can actively give a consent

As mentioned above, this law is applicable to anyone who conducts business or shares information online through a website and other means. It includes software and tools, social, and even personal websites.

Most international websites and apps offered globally already provide GDPR related personal data and privacy consent options. If your online content and services are available in Japan, especially if you are actively targeting Japan, you’ll want to update the consent form and options for this revised Telecommunications Business Law.

For the details of the law, read it in English here: https://www.japaneselawtranslation.go.jp/en/laws/view/3648