State of Japanese Search Market

How big is the Japanese search market exactly? Japan is the 3rd biggest country by the number of Internet users. See other statistics from Japanese government and research organizations.

Many businesses have been enjoying the business relationship with Japan for years both online and offline. Despite the current financial and market crisis, the buying power of consumers in Japan seems to stay strong. The biggest e-commerce sites in Japan, Rakuten had the record sales during the holiday seasons in 2008-2009.

For those who have been considering to tap into Japanese market, but haven’t found data to help make the decision, here are some of the fact about Japanese market:

  • Japan is the 3rd largest country in the world with highest number of Internet users
  • 74% of Japanese population are on Internet
  • Japan is the 3rd in the world with highest Internet broadbank subscribers
  • Japanese is the 4th popular languages used on Internet (Other popular languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish are spoken in multiple countries.)
  • Japan is the 2nd largest E-commerce market in the world
  • Japan is the leading market in mobile-commerce and social networking market in the world

Top search engines in Japan:

  • Yahoo Japan
  • Google Japan

Top PPC advertising service providers in Japan:

  • Overture (Serving Yahoo Japan and other sites)
  • Google AdWords (Serving Google Japan and other sites)

* Data per ComScore, eMarketer and MITI