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Japanese Online Shopping Trend by Devices - AJPR

Japanese Online Shopping Trend by Devices

The traffic and the conversions are triggered by different reasons, and not necessarily correlates. Just because more people are online in the certain market, or more people view your site don’t always impact on the business transactions. The recent research done by The Nielsen Company in Japan shows a good picture of the online shopping site usage trend by the devices.

We are aware that more people access the web via mobile, especially Smartphones. This has been a welcomed trend for the businesses as it provides additional business opportunities, and the ways to connect with current and potential customers. The research shows that the 93% of the survey participants use PC, and 67% of them use Smartphone, when browsing the online shopping sites. However, while 88% of them use PC to make the purchase transactions, only 34% of them made the purchase via Smartphones. (See image.)

Online Shopping by Devices

This make sense considering the fact that people may use different devices based on their search intent and where they are in the decision making process. In near future, we may see more people make the transactions via Smartphones, but at least for now, it looks that we should have different business strategies for web and mobile sites.

One of the best ways to understand the goals of the visit (or the use) of the site is to understand the search queries, which brought them to your site. The on-site search query data is another great resources to understand what visitors wanted to do on site. Check them via devices, and identify the unique trend per device. Make the content that meets their needs easily accessible on site made for each device.