Getting ready for SEMPO Asia Tour

SEMPO kicks off Asia Tour with visit to Singapore on June 9. Tour provides opportunity for SEMPO to learn about the local market and promote the search industry in Asia. I’m visiting Singapore, Beijing and Mumbai as a chair of SEMPO Asia Committee.

I’ve been a member of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) since 2003, and been heavily involved in its activities especially in Asia. Back in 2004, we established one of the first regional working groups, SEMPO Japan. Since then, we created SEMPO Asia Committee to support our activities and efforts in Asia, and were able to establish SEMPO India and SEMPO Singapore. While our membership in Asia is still small compared to that in US, I’m fortunate to welcome and work with some of the leaders in these markets through the committee.

Currently, Asia has more than 40% of Internet users in the world. 3 of the top 5 countries on Internet are in Asia (China, Japan and India). SEMPO definitely recognizes that Asia is a very important market, and in order to learn more about the market, the board members are touring Asia to meet local members and industry leaders in June. As a chair of SEMPO Asia, I’m visiting Singapore, Beijing and Mumbai with the board members, and am very looking forward to the trip.

I’d like to thank SEMPO Asia Committee members who helped us so much to make the tour possible.