SEO Never Dies – It Continuously Evolves


If you are thinking of SEO from the time we just survived from Y2K, you won’t recognize today’s SEO. But, it doesn’t mean that SEO is dead… or dying. During the last 20 years (!), SEO has changed dramatically. It evolved due to the number of reasons, and not just because of Google and other search engines’ algorithm change. It grew to a different animal because the search users changed, the devices changed, the data and tools changed, and digital marketing options changed.

SEO hasn’t been just about the keyword placement for a long time. Definitely not about the search volume or big words. Ranking #1 for a big keyword doesn’t grow your business as it did back in 2010. It’s about the value you can provide to the search users for a specific occasion through your website content. And, how SEO is implemented as a part of overall digital marketing planning and execution so that you can touch your target audiences’ digital life at each opportunity.