Search Around The World – SES Chicago Dec 8-11, 2008

Search Engine Strategies Chicago will be held on November 8 – 11, 2008. Motoko will speak about Search Marketing in Asia focusing on Japan, Korea and India markets during the Search Around The World session on Monday the 8th.

Search Engine Strategies will be held in Chicago from December 8 through 11 this year. I will speak about the search market in Japan, and a bit about Korea and India markets during the “Search Around The World” session on Monday, the 8th. This session covers other markets such as China, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Russia and Latin America. It would be a good session for people who are considering entering these markets to learn from the expert in the regions. Visit SES Chicago for the information.

Yesterday, I did Bruce Clay’s SEM Synergy interview, and talked about Search Market in Japan. It will be broadcasted on Webmaster Radio on Wednesday, November 5 at 12:00pm. MP3 file can be downloaded after the show.

It is graet to see that more people are interested in Asian market now. Asia is already the largest market online, and at the same time, it is still growing at very quickly. I can see why US and European businesses are interested in the region especially China, India and Japan. The Asian culture seems to be so much different from Western cultures, perhaps it can be intimidating at the beginning. The good news is that you have an access to market specialists at events such as SES Chicago and on Internet (lots of blogs specialized in different markets). I hope to do my part in successfully bringing non-Asian businesses to Japan and other parts of Asia through search marketing.