SES San Jose Speaker Interview – TR Harrington

Since SES Chicago 2007, I had a pleasure of doing “Search Around The World” session with some of the best search engine marketers such as Mr. TR Harrington of Darwinmarketing. And, I was delighted when I had a chance to interview him about fast growing Chinese market.

TR Harrington 1. What is the focus of your presentation at SES San Jose?

There are so many interesting things happening internationally that the challenge for the speakers on this panel is choosing a select few!

I think there are a few key topics to this presentation: namely what is happening online in China, some of the key companies and trends, and how is search different in China, discussing some of the unique differences about Chinese search vs. other markets.

While some aspects of Search are generally universal, each market and particularly the Asian markets like China, Japan (as I learned from Motoko) and Korea have both language and cultural differences that Search expresses in unique ways as compared to the West.

2. Should Western companies consider doing SNS and/or mobile integration projects?

As search at some level is a reflection of what online users are saying and doing, one of the early topics of my presentation focuses on Social Media in China and the incredible story of TenCent, a Chinese company that that leveraged instant messenger (IM) as the core focus of its strategy to become