Still Searching

I didn’t write much here last year. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. In fact, I had a lot to say, and expressed my idea, opinions, etc. at other sites (including, events, and conferences. It’s also been expressed in social channels. If you are interested in my articles, please see a list here. One of the articles, “How to get more value from your on-site search data” was particularly well received, and later re-published on Mashable.

Social media, mobile, local, apps, cloud, e-commerce, big site, big brand, etc., while it’s important to understand each media, I’m curious about the co-optimization strategies. I believe that’s where the real opportunity can be found. While looking at the attribution,which is focused on to the transactions and conversions, you can’t help but thinking of why it didn’t convert, or why it had to cost that much for no apparent results.

Is it just me or many others losing faith in Google, too? They are getting worth than the politicians about switching the positions. I’ve never chased the algorithm changes, so I’m not worried about any negative impacts on sites that I work on. But seeing and hearing about some innocent sites being hit isn’t a good feeling. Well, enough with the ranting…

I do have a good news, too. My search friends, Anne Kennedy and Kristjan Mar Hauksson, published “Global Search Engine Marketing” last month. It’s a great book if you are interested in finding out about the search engine marketing in another markets. Buy and read it, and feel their love for the industry.