The Links You Want To Build

The great content generates links without having to reach out to the website owners. Despite the popularity of the link-building outreach practice, the truth is that it’s not an effective method to build quality links. The success rate is so low, I don’t know how the businesses can justify the cost of the outreach work.

By focusing on the types of links you want to build, you can have an effective link building project that actually help the site and pages performance.

These are the types of links you want to build.

  1. Links from trusted and authoritative sites in the industry related to your website
  2. Links from different domains
  3. Links from pages with fewer links
  4. Links from body copy
  5. Links to each page, and not just to the website top page

If you are working on multiple language/country sites, you also want to keep in mind below.

  1. Links from the same language sites as the site you are trying to build links
  2. Links from the same country sites as the site you are trying to build links

At the end of the day, you don’t need millions of links to improve the ranking. Once you identify the types of links you need from which sites, you’ll realize just 5 or 10 links could help you so much.

The link-building project could be effective for a specific marketing campaign especially if you can create unique content for the campaign. However, the effect of this type of link-building project could disappear as quickly as it appeared since those links are typically in the news and social content that buried under new content in weeks and months.