Unfortunate Social Snippet

Check your social snippet.

No matter what language your content is created in, you can optimize the social snippets by using the meta tags, and plugins. However, it is unfortunate to find many site owners don’t check how their content appears in the social media sites. Often times, the page description pulls the first body text, which is either a browser compatibility or cookie statement and nothing to do with the page topic. The image pulled into the shared message and posts are as important as the page description, but again, not many site owners know how to manage that.

For example, the image was a post shared on Facebook. The page description says, “On-site search, on-site search (you cannot run a search without entering word), on-site search (you cannot run a search without entering word)”. The image is partially shown, and again unfortunately for them, the Japanese letters visible in an image “うそ” can be read as a “lie”, which created those sad and laughing face emojis. Before you run the social media campaign, make sure that your social snipped is optimized for the popular social media in the target market.