Do you know what 50s+ are doing on Internet?

Online population is maturing in Japan. The 50+ users now makes 23% of online population and the share is growing. We don’t see many of them on SNS sites and social medias just yet, so what are they doing?

When we talk about Internet users, I don’t think that people in 50s and up are what first comes to our mind, unless of course, that’s what your target market. I thought it was very interesting when I read a report by NetRatings showed that the 50’s and up demographic made 23% of Internet population in Japan, and it had higher growth than the average Internet population growth. For example, number of users in 60+ increased 22% during the past 12 months.

But we rarely see them on Social Networking Sites or blogs. Where do they go and what are they doing on Internet?

NetRatings research shows that “finance” related sites and “news” related sites are very popular among 50+ people in Japan. They also like to visit travel related sites. I’m sure that this trend will change as younger generations who are all over SNS sites grows into the 50s and beyond, but for now, if you are after 50+ market, check out the finance, investments, news and travel sites to see how you can reach them.