Who Does SEO?

Most of the time, the SEO work is handled either by the in-house SEO person/team or by the SEO agency. Unlike most of the other departments who have focused job function and areas of responsibility, SEO work involves numerous focused areas such as web design, IT, content, and marketing. The SEOs, especially the in-house SEOs must have knowledge in these areas in order to provide effective SEO input and discuss the projects with other teams. That’s when the company can have a website that grows business. In order words, a good SEO think the optimization work as a part of everyone else’s work, and not as a stand-alone work.

Because the SEO work cannot be done by the SEO team alone, it is important to get the “buy-ins” and cooperations from other teams. They become allies to SEO when they understand “why” and the impact of implementing or not implementing the changes to the business. Provide the basis SEO sessions showing how their work impacts the organic search performance of the website, and how they can help improve. Especially if you can show how it also helps their work performance, the SEO requirements will become a higher priority in their list of tasks. Ask to be included or at least to be notified about the new project planning so that you can provide the inputs from an SEO point of view early in the process.

It takes a village to run a website that is well optimized to grow business.