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Yahoo Japan, still the top search site in Japan - AJPR

Yahoo Japan, still the top search site in Japan

Yahoo Search (Japan) had 2,609 mil search queries during the month of April, which made them the number 1 search site in Japan. According to the report by NetRatings ( “Search Service Usage Report” (the search conducted on PC at home and work), Google search had second most search users and the number of search queries in Japan.

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While 52 million people searched in April, the number of people searched at 14 different search sites adds up to 103.7 million. It clearly shows that most people use multiple search sites.

The interesting point is that while Yahoo Japan had almost twice as many search queries than Google (Yahoo: 2,609 mil – Google: 1,660 mil), the difference in the number of search users between Yahoo Japan and Google Japan was 30% (Yahoo: 42,2 mil – Google: 29.2 mil). What does this mean? Do people still net surf on Yahoo or do they get better search results in Google so that they don’t need to try different search queries to get the information they are looking for?