Japan’s Kakaku Com Was Hiding Bad Reviews

X-y6dVwdProducts and services review sites are very popular in Japan, too. Kakaku.com is one of the oldest comparison sites, and one of the most trusted sites for the information they provide. So, you can imagine how the users went uproar when they found out that Kakaku.com was hiding bad reviews from the search engines.

When you search for product name and reviews, Kakaku.com’s review pages often show up in the search results. Recently, it was reported that Kakaku.com implemented “noindex” tag for bad reviews so that those content wouldn’t be indexed by the search engines to appear in the search results. Over the years, they’ve been growing the user base constantly based on their trustworthy comparison information. I think people are now giving one-star bad reviews to them.

Kakaku.com: Similar to what Kayak does with the flight information, Kakaku.com lists product sellers in order of pricing along with customer reviews and other information such as shipping cost and accepted payment methods.  They were ranked #8 on Forbe’s Innovative Growth Company list in 2015.