LINE’s New Japanese Large Language Model (LLM)

On August 14th, LINE announced its new Japanese Large Language Model (LLM). It’s an OSS, which can be used for commercial purposes.

According to their tweet,

LINE is working on multiple large-scale language models (LLM) research and development projects. From that, they released the Japanese language models with 3.6 billion, and 1.7 billion parameters as OSS.
You can go to the LINE Engineering Blog for the features, user guide, and the performance of the learned model.

Last month, I posted an article about Yahoo! Japan possibly considering switching the organic search engine from Google to LINE/Naver. This LLM may have something to do with that decision.

There are other companies working on Japanese LLM. Earlier this month, Stability AI (UK company) announced “Japanese StableLM Base Alpha 7B”, and Cyber Agent announced its Japanese LLM back in May.