Mobile Devices – More Tablets Sold Than Laptops In Japan

tablet-791049_640According to the recent market research done by ICT in Japan, overall growth rate of mobile devices market is slowing down. While the growth rate may slow down, but it will continue to grow as market is shifting from desktop/PC to mobile devices more and more. They predicts the mobile device market to grow 21% from 2014 to 2018.

The notable change in mobile devices is the rapid expansion of tablet market. They see smartphone and notebook/laptop sales are slowing down, but the tablet sales is growing. The tablet sales is predicted to exceed the laptop sales in 2015 for the first time.

7.4% of the research participants showed the desire to own mobile watch device such as Apple Watch, which was introduced to the market in April 2015.

The growth of tablets (and possibly wearable mobile device) sales will definitely impact the way people obtain the information, and conduct all mobile activities. In near future, there will be more people, who has tablet but not a desktop or a laptop. The business owners should be preparing to adopt this changes with the customer behavior. Even if majority of the sales or business is happening on your website now, it may soon be shifted to the apps, or to the competitors, who have apps. It will also impact the way you analyze the success of the business.