SEO in 2022

SEO in 2022 by 66 of the world’s leading SEO experts

A few months ago, I was approached by Mr. David Bain who was putting together a series of podcasts and a book for Majestic about the SEO in 2022. He interviewed 66 SEO experts from around the world, and I was honored to be included in this exceptional project.

Even if you attended a large-sized SEO conference, it is unlikely that you’d get to hear these actionable tips and ideas from this large group of professionals about all aspects of search engine optimization work. I recommend the book to all SEOs including people who have been practicing SEO for years like me.

You may be also interested in his podcasts with interviewing SEOs. I participated in his International SEO episode, which was great fun.

You can order a copy of the book here:

You can find my tips under “User Behaviour” chapter.