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Social Media Marketing in Japan - Where Is Money Spent? - AJPR

Social Media Marketing in Japan – Where Is Money Spent?

Social MediaSocial media has become one of the essential platforms for digital marketers. Marketing Research Camp has conducted the survey regarding the SNS promotion usage among the marketers in Japan. Below are some of the notable results from the report.

For marketing and sales activities, 65.4% of correspondents are using Facebook, and 59.0% are using Twitter. Facebook was the most popular SNS, where they would like to increase the marketing and sales activities (21.7%). But, interestingly, they don’t necessarily expect the high ROI from Facebook. Majority of correspondents chose LINE as the best SNS to increase sales (59.1%). Also, 45.5% of them said that Instagram was most effective for branding and product awareness. (*multiple answers)

While there may be some preferences with which SNS they use, more than 30% of them plan to increase the marketing budget for social media. 29.5% of them plan to keep at the same level of spend as they did in 2015, and only 10.3% plan to decrease the social media marketing budget in 2016.