Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Information – News, Relief, Donation, etc.

March 11 Japan earthquake and tsunami related information in English. Will update the content as new information becomes available.

The devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Northern part of Japan on March 11 (Japan time). While I hear lots of up-to-date information in Japanese, I find the information in other language is very limited. There are more than 2 million foreigners live in Japan, and many tourists visit Japan throughout the year.

Most of the sites listed here are in English. Some of them offer the information in other languages, too. (You’ll see a link to other language on their site.) Hope the information here help non-Japanese speakers in Japan, and non-Japanese speakers who know someone in Japan.

If you know of any useful sites and the services not listed here, please post it in the comment.


Google People Finder (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Korean and Japanese)

Google Crisis Response (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)

List of Embassies and Consulates-General in Japan

NHK World News

Japan Meterological Agency – Tsunami Information

Japan Meterological Agency – Earthquake Information

Japan Earthquake Information

Tokyo International Communication Committee – Assistance Manual for Foreigners in times of disaster

Earthquake: How to protect yourself

ICRC Earthquake Family Links Network

Mobile Emergency Message Boards

NTT East

Social Media

Facebook – Global Disaster Relief

Mixi – Earthquake related communities (Japanese)

Twitter – Accounts to follow (English)

  • @HawaiiRedCross
  • @SayaJRCS
  • @hlimor
  • @Federation (IFRC)
  • @RedCross
  • @CNNLive
  • @EQTW
  • @alertnet

Twitter – Accounts to follow (Japanese)

  • @earthquake_jp
  • @bosai_kesennuma
  • @aomoripref
  • @pref_iwate
  • @nhk_pr
  • @twinavi
  • @Kantei_Saigai
  • @nhk_news
  • @prsnfindr

Twitter – #tags related to Japan earthquake

  • #jishin: general earthquake information
  • #j_j_helpme: requests for rescue or other aid
  • #hinan: evacuation information
  • #anpi: confirmation of safety of individuals, places, etc.
  • #311care: medical information for victims


Red Cross

Unicef – Tsunami in the Pacific

International Medical Corps

Save the Children

Global Giving – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Doctors Without Borders

Apple (Use your iTune account to donate)

Lady GAGA “We pray for Japan” earthquake relief wristband

Architecture for Humanity – Build back better Sendai


Rolling Blackout Information (Map)

Radiation / Nuclear Plant Accident

National Institute of Radiological Sciences


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