US is No Longer the Center of the Online Universe

Distribution of Worldwide Internet Audience

North America including US is now behind Asia and Europe in the distribution of world wide Internet audience chart. comScore Inc. published the “2013 Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus” report. The report covers the digital marketing trends in Southeast Asia including, web usage, video, online advertising, e-commerce, search and social media. It’s a great report if you are targeting now or considering targeting that part of the world in near future.

Here’s a list of highlights from the report:

  • Southeast Asian Online Population Up 9 Percent to 62 Million, Outpacing Global Internet Growth Rate by More than 60 Percent
  • More than 40 percent of global internet users are now based in Asia Pacific with an audience of 644 million. Southeast Asian markets account for approximately 10 percent of the Asia Pacific internet population.
  • With 16.1 million monthly internet users, Vietnam now has the largest online population in Southeast Asia.
  • Internet users in Vietnam and Thailand, driven in part by their younger populations, spend the greatest amount of time online in the region.
  • Multi-platform device usage in Southeast Asia varies significantly by time of day. Desktop internet usage dominates during work hours, while mobile phones and tablets are relatively more popular during the evening hours.
  • Facebook continues to be the number one social network across markets in Southeast Asia. The region boasts 3 of Facebook