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Yahoo Japan Killed 5900 Fraudulent Ads - AJPR

Yahoo Japan Killed 5900 Fraudulent Ads

Ads Quality Diamond - Yahoo! JapanYahoo! Japan said they have removed 5900 ads in five months since they came out with new guidelines for ads in the late October 2018.
The new guidelines are structured around 3 pillars:

  • Visualization of appropriate advertising effects
  • Secured brand value and media credibility (elimination of fraud)
  • Provide a stress-free advertising experience

In order to achieve these 3 values, they strengthened the measures in six areas:

  • Viewability
  • Ad-Fraud
  • Brand safety (appropriate delivery)
  • Privacy considerations
  • Best optimized ad format
  • Ad cluttering

It’s nice to see how they work to improve the ad quality and experiences for the customers.