Yahoo Japan launches “Tweets Sentiment Analysis Tool”

Yahoo JP Sentiment AnalysisLast week, Yahoo Japan announced the launch of their official version of Tweets Sentiment Analysis Tool. The tool analyzes the tweets to determine if they are “positive” or “negative” comments against the search queries. They launched the beta version of the tool in 2013, and just launched the official version with more functions.

The main function of the tweet sentiment analysisofficial version:

  1. Show the positive” ornegative” sentiment for the search keyword with a pie chart
  2. Show the transition of the positive” andnegative” sentiment for the search keyword in the graph over the period of time
  3. Show the typical post for the “positive” and negative” sentiment
  4. It analyzes unlimited words (? The ? version was limited to 11,000 words)
  5. It analyzes all of the posts for the past 30 days (? The ? version only analyzes the latest tweets)
  6. You can set any time frame between15 minutes to 30 days
  7. It uses the machine learning for the analysis system (? The ? version uses the dictionary tool)