Japanese Search Engines

Display Advertising Sales Will Surpass Search Advertising Sales – Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan’s 3Q15 (Oct-Dec, 2015) report shows that their Display Advertising Sales has reached to almost the same level as the Search Advertising Sales. Their Display Advertising has been growing steadily for the past 12 months while their Search Advertising continues to shrink. If this trend continues, their Display Advertising[…]

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Search Engine Landscape in Japan

The search engine land scape has changed a lot in Japan. Considering how big and important Japan market is to many digital marketers and global corporations, it should be a common knowledge by now that Yahoo Japan is powered be Google, not by bing. But my conversations with digital marketers[…]

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Yahoo Japan Releases The Search Data

Yahoo! Japan released new “Yahoo! Search Data“. In addition to the older version, which showed the overall popular search keywords, the new version provides the popular search keywords in variety of categories such as “Images”, “Videos”, and “Real Time”.

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