Importance of Good Content Organization

organizeWhile most websites have logic in its content structure, it is very common that managing the website content becomes complicated as new content is added to the site. The websites with multiple product lines, multiple languages, and multiple target countries tend to have more SEO challenges related to the content organization especially since a content could live in multiple areas of the website. The websites with content clattering could face issues including:

  • Duplicate content
  • Content not crawled
  • Content not indexed
  • Content shows up in wrong language/country search results

The clattered website content could also cause more work when you need to migrate the websites or to re-structure website. The key is to set the site-wide standards for content structure and enforce it as the content increases.

Having the standard in the following areas would prevent SEO related problems as well as some UX issues:

  • URL structure
  • Folder/directory naming for all content types including the international content
  • Identify the preferred URL for search engine crawling/indexing for each content – Canonical tag (This is especially important if your website creates pages dynamically based on the filter or the search queries.)

Also, set a rule for those “one-off” content that doesn’t quite fit in the taxonomy or current website structure. This is where many websites lose control. You know these “one-off”s could add up before you know it.

Also, set rules for sub-domains and external websites usage before someone in the organization run with it.