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Japanese Plans and Books Travel with Mobile

Mobile Trip PlanningAccording to TripAdvisor Insight’s TripBarometer report, 42% of people world wide use mobile (smartphone) to make travel plans and bookings. Here’s a list of top 10 countries by the smartphone usage:

  1. Thailand – 65%
  2. China – 65%
  3. Brazil – 59%
  4. Indonesia – 59%
  5. Malaysia – 53%
  6. Italy – 49%
  7. USA – 48%
  8. India – 47%
  9. Australia – 47%
  10. Russia – 44%
It seems that emerging markets have higher usage of smartphone for travel planning and booking than other markets. This is not a surprise since in many emerging markets, many people access Internet via mobile (smartphones) in general, and not limited to travel booking.
In Japan, 68% of survey respondents said that they went online to plan and book trips, but majority (87%) of them were using PC (Note PC and Desktop PC). There were only 6% using smartphone and 5% using tablet. 8% of them said that they used mobile apps. The lower usage of mobile for travel planning, and especially for booking may a lot to do with mobile “un-friendly” websites in Japanese.
Read the TripBalometer report here: