February 28, 2014

China’s E-Commerce Summary 2013

In China, Business to Business (B2B) Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) are still the main force of E-Commerce growth in 2013, according to the report by iResearch Global.
January 16, 2014

First Japanese gTLD is Now Available

On January 16th, Google Registry opened “Hajimeyou.Minnna” to begin offering Japanese gTLD “.Minna” (in Japanese characters) domain. “Minna” means “everyone” in Japanese. “Internet is for everyone. We think the word is perfect one to start […]
January 13, 2014

Search Engine Landscape in Japan

The search engine land scape has changed a lot in Japan. Considering how big and important Japan market is to many digital marketers and global corporations, it should be a common knowledge by now that […]