Does Your Site Perform Well With Baidu Search Engine?

It is an undeniable fact that Google has the largest search market footprint in the world. There are unlimited resources and information about search engine optimization for Google. As such, I understand how important it is for website owners to make sure that the site is optimized and performs well in Google’s search results.   However, by optimizing[…]

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3 Easy Quality Link Building Strategies That Cost You Nothing

The link building is an important part of SEO strategy for most of the popular search engines. Back when Yahoo Japan used its own search engine for the organic search results, the massive link building was perceived to be the key to the SEO success by many. It’s been 10[…]

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Create Your SEO Cheerleaders

Many SEO professionals have felt as if no one understands them within the organization. You probably bring more than a half of website traffic, it feels like you need to fight for every small thing. Although, SEO should be an integral part of many corporate structures, including marketing, web design,[…]

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Success Metrics with the Efficiency

Let’s put the efficiency into your success metrics! The success of search marketing campaigns is usually measured using a set of action related performance metrics including, visits, revenue, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return of investment (ROI). In general, these metrics tell the story of how the campaign is “working” or “not working”. But, does it really[…]

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From Mobile First Indexing to Mobile Only Indexing

During the Pubcon (virtual) 2020, Google’s John Muller announced that “Content only visible on desktop will be ignored” starting March 2021. It means that if you have pages or a part of the pages that can only be accessed/visible on the desktop, those pages and/or content will no longer be[…]

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