Search in Asia 2013

At the end of every year, we see a variety of “top xxxx” lists. Google had put out the top searches done in 2013 from different Asian countries including Korea, China, India, and Japan. It also shows how the technology trend such as chat apps, natural disaster, and politics impacted[…]

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US is No Longer the Center of the Online Universe

North America including US is now behind Asia and Europe in the distribution of world wide Internet audience chart. comScore Inc. published the “2013 Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus” report. The report covers the digital marketing trends in Southeast Asia including, web usage, video, online advertising, e-commerce, search and[…]

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Mobile search will grow even bigger in Asia

Mobile search has been big in Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, and China. But many reports came out this year suggest that the mobile search and marketing industry will grow even bigger in the next a couple of years, throughout the Asia. This is exiting. In India, the mobile Internet[…]

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