March 17, 2015

LINE Is The Top App Two Years Straight

According to the iOS/Android Application Ranking 2014 by revenue announced by App Annie (US), a free message and communication application “LINE” ranked No.1. (Gaming apps not included) LINE was ranked No.1 last year, too. LINE’s […]
June 25, 2013

Mixi’s another attempt to stay alive

Since it opened in 2003, mixi has grown the user base quite rapidly, became one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. 10 years later, the social environment has changed, and they seem […]
October 22, 2009

Japanese Mobile Social Media – Find your best match

All top mobile social sites in Japan are doing well, and attracting more advertisers. You may think that you should be at both places to get the most exposures. But, you may not have a luxury of advertising everywhere you want to be. See the data here to make the smart decision.
May 12, 2008

Japanese bookmark it differently

Japan's new social bookmarking service "Imakore" let's users to post a comment on the certain area of the page, and to read the comments left by others right on the website. It's the bookmarking service with more socializing function.