August 4, 2008

SES San Jose Speaker Interview – TR Harrington

Since SES Chicago 2007, I had a pleasure of doing “Search Around The World” session with some of the best search engine marketers such as Mr. TR Harrington of Darwinmarketing. And, I was delighted when […]
June 13, 2008

Do you know what 50s+ are doing on Internet?

Online population is maturing in Japan. The 50+ users now makes 23% of online population and the share is growing. We don't see many of them on SNS sites and social medias just yet, so what are they doing?
May 12, 2008

Japanese bookmark it differently

Japan's new social bookmarking service "Imakore" let's users to post a comment on the certain area of the page, and to read the comments left by others right on the website. It's the bookmarking service with more socializing function.
March 27, 2008

Google Japan changed the top page layout

Google Japan has changed the top page layout by adding tabs and links to some of their popular tools and pages. Google has been religiously keeping its simple top page with big Google logo and the search box, and Google is still keeping the same top page in all of the other countries and markets. So why Google Japan decided to make the changes?
March 12, 2008

Back from Japan

Internet definitely became a part of Japanese people's everyday life, but what's actually happening and what's the difference between US Internet market and Japanese Internet market? This is what I saw and heard during my last visit to Japan.