April 21, 2008

Did Japanese SNS market peak already?

SNS - social networking services - sites in Japan keep increasing the number of registered users, but it's a fact that each member is spending less time and log in less frequently. Has SNS peaked in Japan already? If so, what do they need to do to survive and even to increase the popularity?
March 27, 2008

Google Japan changed the top page layout

Google Japan has changed the top page layout by adding tabs and links to some of their popular tools and pages. Google has been religiously keeping its simple top page with big Google logo and the search box, and Google is still keeping the same top page in all of the other countries and markets. So why Google Japan decided to make the changes?
March 24, 2008

Japanese use mobile in the tub, really!

The latest survey done in Japan shows that more than 40% of them bring cell phone when they soaked in a tub. Many of them use it to check and send e-mails, and to listen to the music. I guess being water resistant is a must-have feature of cell phone in Japan.
March 12, 2008

Back from Japan

Internet definitely became a part of Japanese people's everyday life, but what's actually happening and what's the difference between US Internet market and Japanese Internet market? This is what I saw and heard during my last visit to Japan.
February 23, 2008

The power of word-of-mouth marketing

The advertising market in Japan grew to more than 3 billion yen market in 2007 from 0.9 billion yen market in 2006. Their another survey shows that more than 80% of net users have actively taken the advise/information they got through "word-of-mouth" on the net.
February 17, 2008

Will Baidu gain market share in Japan?

It's been 3 weeks since Baidu officially opened its services in Japan after 10months of beta phase. While Baidu's news has been picked up by some search industry media, I haven't heard any user side feedbacks. None of my friends in Japan have tried the search at Baidu, yet. So, the question is... "Will Baidu gain market share in Japan?"