September 10, 2009

More than 50% of smartphone users have iPhone in Japan

Japan's's report shows that more than 20% have Smartphone, and more than 25% of people under 39 have Smartphone. I was surprised to see that more than 28% of teens responded that they had Smartphone. Note that 14.5% of teens said that they didn't have any cell phones.
September 9, 2009

ad:tech Tokyo ’09 was a blast!

The recap of the first ad:tech conference held in Tokyo, Japan in Sept 2009. While majority of sessions were (mass) advertising heavy, the exhibit hall was filled with search vendors. Great conference with eager to learn delegates.
August 28, 2009

Overture will operate under Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan announced today that Overture Japan will operate under Yahoo Japan brand starting October 1, 2009. Overture is currently a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan, providing the PPC services for PC and mobile for Japanese search market.
August 25, 2009

Clueless with IT words – Japanese use them anyway

Many foreign words have been imported and adopted by Japanese, but that doesn't mean that Japanese understand the true meaning of these words even if they use them. Here's a list of top ranking IT words that many Japanese have no clue.
August 24, 2009

State of Japanese Search Market

How big is the Japanese search market exactly? Japan is the 3rd biggest country by the number of Internet users. See other statistics from Japanese government and research organizations.
August 19, 2009

Reasons why bing Yahoo could be huge in Japan

With Softbank president's "Go" sign for bing-Yahoo alliance, Yahoo could further expand the market share in Japan with bing's pillar search services, which are all popular among Japanese search users.